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          Address:Fenggang Town, Dongguan City Park Tong Lek Village  Industrial Zone

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          ISO9001:2000 certified, Grand Future Molding & Tooling Ltd. is devoted to precision mold (including plastic mold, hardware mold and compression casting mold) designing, manufacturing and product processing.

          Founded in1998, the company has equipped with high professional employees, advanced processing and testing facilities and consummated business management systems. With which, timely delivery and stable product quality are well guaranteed.

          Our exquisite technology and high quality service are appreciated and trusted by both domestic and foreign customers. The company’s main customers include Canon (Parts of fax machine and printers), Panasonic (Parts of telephone, mobile telephone), Samsung, OEMG (a Germany company, keyboard, mouse, case for the main computer), etc.

          The company is located in the Bihu Industrial district, Tangli Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, GuangDong Province, PRC. It covers abut 5,000 square meters, with about 200 employees, including 20 engineers. Moreover, we have successfully set up our branch company in LongHua, ShenZhen.

          We are a humanity-oriented and trust-based company. We drive for best products to continuously meet individual needs and different requirements and are looking forward to long tern cooperation and mutual benefits.

          All staff of Grand Future welcomes your visit to the company. We are looking forward to further cooperating with you.


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